Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shanda is ENGAGED!!

After several years of dating, Shanda and Sean are now officially engaged!! Congrats guys, we are so excited for you both! I can't wait to get into all of the planning, we already set out to Wal-Mart the day they got engaged and bought up all of the wedding magazines we could find. As of now, the wedding will be in Amarillo in August and they will be living in Houston once they are married.

The craziest trip ever...that we wouldn't have missed for the world

On our way to Corpus Christi for our friends Adam and Prudence's wedding, we experienced a few unwanted "adventures". First of all, we got in the car about 6 am, expecting to get to Corpus around 4, just in time to take a quick shower and make it to the wedding rehersal. As we got in the car, Drew asked one more time if I had everything....good thing he asked, I had left ALL of my clothes for the rehersal and wedding hanging in the closet! So, I got the clothes, and we made our way out of town on the long car ride. Well....nothing eventful happened until we were about 30 miles outside of Corpus, when we get a flat tire. We think, no big deal, we'll just stop and change it.....well, it wasn't really that easy. We go to pull the tire down and realize we are missing the tools we need to get the spare tire down and into place.... So, I called information and got the name of a chevy dealership in the next tiny little town. They tell me they will try to help us and put me on hold for about 45 min. In the meantime, a state trooper sees us and pulls over to "help". We tell him what's going on, and he basically tells us that he can tow our car for 70 bucks, and we need to get off the highway because it is spring break and there are lots of "drunks and druggies" out there. Thanks sir....we have no clue why he will not drive us five minutes to the dealership to get the tool, but now I know that state troopers are not the people to ask for help when you are in that kind of situation. In the meantime, the man from the dealership says he will be there in about an hour to help....and by this point that seems to be the best option. Well...they did finally come, but this whole process takes 3 hours, and we have now missed the entire rehersal and are running into the rehersal dinner. We make it into Corpus, only to find that our hotel is not where we thought it was, and drive around for a bit before stopping for directions, by this point everyone else is eating at the dinner and we are exhasted, sweaty, hungry, and Andrew is covered is some sort of black substance from head to toe. We do finally find the hotel (which was ADORABLE) and get showered, and call our poor friends to tell them how sorry we are to miss their entire wedding rehersal and dinner! They invited us over to their house, and it was great to go visit for a little bit!

Ok, so day number two, we decide to put 4 new tires on the truck first thing in the morning so this doesn't happen to us again anytime soon! Then, decide we need to go out to the island and hang out on the beach for awhile and have some fun while we are there! La Paletera fruit cups on the beach are AMAZING, and we start to feel better about the whole situation.

After this, we go and get ready for the wedding, and Drew goes over to hang out with Adam and the guys for a bit. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL, in a mansion on Ocean Dr., everything was so perfect. It was great to see them exchange vows, they are such a perfect couple. It was also great to meet Logan, their little one. Even though the first part of the trip was a little dramatic, we wouldn't have missed it for the world!

About Us.....

After prompting from many friends and ideas, I decided to start this blog to sort of "document" what's going on with us, and help us keep in touch with friends and family we can't see very often!