Friday, May 2, 2008

A cracked rib, a trip to Palo Duro Canyon, and a handsome maltese

I have to start out this post by saying SORRY DAD! We were riding bikes last week, when he had his first fall on the bike. Here is the story.....we were all clipped in and ready to pull out onto the access road of I-40 where we usually ride. Well.....a huge truck happened to come by right as we decided to pull out of the parking lot, and usually they will move over so you can have a lane, but this guy decided he was not willing to do that. I pulled out anyway (not the smartest move ever), and my dad decided to stop and let the truck pass by. It was a split second decision and he wasn't able to clip out in time to put his foot down to stop, so he had a fall. The problem was, he fell right into some jagged concrete and right onto his rib. At the time, he jumped up and we finished our bike ride, but the next day he was in extreme pain. One doctor's visit later, he found out that he CRACKED A RIB!! Sorry dad, hope I can talk you into riding with me again once it heals:)

Last weekend Andrew, Lisa, and I headed out to PD canyon to do some hiking since the weather was so nice. It was Lisa's first trip out and we were pretty excited. We ended up hiking about 8 miles (although we didn't particularly mean to go that far!) Here are some pics from the trip!

Lisa's First Trip

Action Shot!

Can you find the horny toad?

Caesar went to the groomer this week, and he looks ADORABLE! I will have to put up a picture of him later. The groomer said she put his hair in a little top-knot on his head, then she turned around to do something for a few seconds, and by the time she got back to him he had taken out the top-knot and was chewing on the rubber band. Her comment was "I've never seen a dog do it that fast before!" If you know Caesar, you know that he has an unusually strong talent for untying shoes at the speed of lightning! Even double knots are no challenge for him:)