Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Don't Blink!

Remember that song? That's how I'm feeling right now, life has been fast and furious for this little family lately (but what's new:)! My little Rush turned 4 months old yesterday. We went for his 4 month well baby check and everything was great. He weighs 14.2lbs and is 25 1/2 inches long. The whole time they were examining him (attempting to get him to lie on his back), he was doing "crunches" and grabbing for anything he could pull up on. He will seriously have a six pack like his dad soon. He also pulled the wooden stick out of the doctor's hand while she was trying to look in his mouth and started waving it around, ha! Of course, shots were no fun and he fussed pretty much all day today. Other than the stats, he has been smiling and laughing a lot these days, talking to us all the time, and finally loves to play with his toys. It is so funny to see him reaching and shaking toys....he seems like such a big boy. He has also been sleeping in his big boy crib for a few weeks now (and still napping some in the swing). Since I have been working, days seem to be getting shorter (especially the days I have home with my baby). Hopefully I will get used to the schedule and things will calm down soon. I had pictures from the Dr's visit, but they were deleted when my phone went crazy today, however, I do have to post a few of my little guy from this month.

It's Snowing?

Let's go play! Andrew got this vest for him when I was 6 months pregnant. I think it is adorable.

They are warming up to each other...slowly but surely!

Count Your Many Blessings

This year for turkey day, we went over to James and Linda's to join the Chaddick side of the family for a delicious, traditional Thanksgiving meal. Linda is a gourmet chef, so of course, it was delicious. We have so much to be thankful for, the Lord has been good to us yet again this year. I wish I had more pictures, but my phone crashed and I lost all except for these. It was great to see everyone, can't wait to do it again!

Dressed up for lunch

Then changed into his turkey shirt to play with dad
And Hope and Molly

And then went home to try my first meal of rice cereal. You can see where most of it went
I'm so sad, I had more pictures of sweet Claire and the rest of the family, but I lost them. So....if you have pictures please share. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
PS-Thanksgiving was like a mini-Christmas for Rush! More posts to come on his new loot.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Can he wear something besides a pumpkin shirt?

Drew finally got up the nerve to ask after several weeks of adorable Halloween outfits! He had so many adorable shirts, socks, and hats this year.....there was only a few weeks he could actually enjoy all of them. So, I let Andrew put something else on him for awhile (while I washed his pumpkin shirts:)


I guess guys don't understand the need to always dress to the occasion.....all the more reason for me to dress him up now before he can tell me what he wants to wear! I was dying to get pictures of him in a pumpkin patch, but the weather did not cooperate when we wanted to go. Hopefully we can still stage a pumpkin picture at GC's house soon! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.

It's not easy......

...to put face paint on a 3 month old

But we did, and ended up with this adorable little lion!

For about 30 minutes....

Then it was time to get out of that thing
And play on the floor with GC and Papa
I think Caesar was glad to be free of Halloween and bat costumes this year!

4 more generations!

Rush's Great-Grandmother Lackey came to visit a few weeks ago. We had a great time catching up and loving on little Rush. We wish we were able to see her more!
Rush is a great listener!
Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, Andrew, and Rush

Note that we actually have a few pics where Caesar didn't sneak in.....that's because he was being restrained:) Anyway, we had fun Grandmother, come back soon!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Drew and I both celebrated birthdays this month. We are exactly one year and 25 days apart (and I am NOT the older one:) We both had small celebrations with family and had a great time. I am actually pretty sad to see 25 go.....it was a big year. I will be able to look back and say that I was 25 when baby Rush was born, I was 25 when I finished PT school, I was 25 when I got an official license to practice, and I was 25 when I got my first big job (although I will be 26 when I start!) I know 26 will bring other big things, but 25 was a great year.

James celebrates an October birthday too!

3 months

Baby Rush turned 3 months old on Oct. 30th! Some highlights of the month: still rolling over occasionally (maybe on accident:), "talking" to us all the time, smiling at us all the time, playing with your hands, and still moving CONSTANTLY! It makes me laugh every time I am struggling to get clothes or diapers on him because he is wiggling, then I look up and he is flashing his huge smile at me:) He has a silly looking octopus which is his very favorite toy, I think he talks and smiles at him more than any of us. Rush attended a few birthday parties this month and was a scary lion for Halloween (posts to come!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Toes

Rush had an eventful weekend....he woke up on Saturday morning with a red, swollen big toe. We couldn't decide if it was an ingrown toenail or a blister, but either way it was hurting our little guy! We decided to try soaking it in warm water and as you can tell, he thought it was hilarious.....but who doesn't love a foot bath:) The toe is looking better, still can't say it is back to normal though. On Sunday, we discovered he had a clogged tear duct in one of his eyes. Fortunately, after a few days of massaging with a warm wash cloth, it is back to normal. I feel blessed every morning when I get to hold my healthy little baby boy. God has really laid it on my heart to pray for those trying for a baby and babies born with health issues.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Was the sound you would have heard about 6a.m. yesterday morning at our place. Andrew is amazing and always takes the early morning baby shift so I can get some sleep. It has been unusually cold here for October, so he turned on the heater to warm up little Rush. It was the first time we have ever turned on the brand new heater, so it emitted the typical lovely, burning smell that comes with it. As he was headed back to the living room, the smoke alarm started to go off. I was in the midst of a deep sleep and he was groggy from getting up at 5:30 to feed the baby. As soon as I heard the alarm, I bolted out of our room screaming (yes screaming) ready to grab Rush and bolt down the stairs. Drew was shocked by the whole situation and the fact that I came running out screaming and somehow tackled me to the ground yelling "its ok" over and over. After about a minute, we both realized what was going on and calmed down, curious as to how both of us ended up on the floor. In the meantime, Rush was chilling peacefully on the couch, Caesar was running around shaking, and the smoke alarm had stopped going off. I can't stop laughing every time I think about it because I have the mental picture of us both screaming and ending up on the floor. If there is ever a real fire, I can only pray that we will both handle it much better than that!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


*Thanks to Betsy for taking the pics!
Okay, I know, I know.... I'm just now ordering birth announcements, but I wanted to find the PERFECT one. (and I think I did:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 month update

Wow, months are flying by these days! Other moms tell me that YEARS fly by, and I'm starting to believe them.

Rush is so much fun, I feel like I am learning something new each day along with him. He is smiling at us all the time, rolling over occasionally, and holding his head up like a champ. He wants to be up where the action is, and prefers to be held facing out to see the world instead of cradled like a newborn. He is awake and alert most of the day, and sleeping longer stretches at night. Drew and I love spending LOTS of time with him and spoiling him rotten. He is no longer a fan of going in the car or being in his car-seat at all. Any tips?

Rush rolling over

Friday, October 2, 2009

2 Month Check Up!

On September 30, I turned 2 months old! Mom and I got up bright and early to head to the doctor's office.

Once we got there, they made me take off all my clothes! I weigh 10 lbs and am 23 1/2 inches long. I was so good and talked to the doctor all the way through my exam! He said I have awesome gross motor skills......that makes my PT mommy and personal trainer daddy especially proud:)
Then, I had to get 4 SHOTS! They hurt so bad, but I only cried for a second. I don't know why my mom was crying too..... Once we got home, I was so tired that I slept the entire day!

My Iron-Man

Drew did his first Iron-man distance triathlon, the "OKC Redman" a couple of weeks ago. The race included a 2 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and marathon! Needless to say, training for this was a part-time job! I'm so proud that he was able to do so well, considering he trained the last two months with a newborn and very little sleep...not to mention he had knee surgery for his OCD just over a year ago. Drew's parents came along to watch little Rush during the race, he was such a good boy and got plenty of attention from family.
Pre-race, 5 a.m.
The race was delayed one hour due to rain. A big storm blew in as they were about to line up and start. Here they are walking out to "I am Iron-man"
Video of swim start

Off on the bike
Unfortunately, I have no run pictures! He is already talking about "next year's race", so hopefully I will be more handy with the camera in the future. I'm so proud of him!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Last weekend, we got a visit from one set of Rush's Great-Grandparents! They came all the way from Sugar Land to visit, and we had a great time loving on the newest member of the family!
Rush and Great-Papa

4 Generations!

We were so glad you came and can't wait to see you again soon!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Babies DO love Beyonce!

Rush gets his groove on when he hears Single Ladies! I just love his little smile:)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One Month

My little boy is already one month old! He is so precious, it is amazing to see the new things he does each day. He is becoming more aware of his surroundings, and he makes the cutest faces when he sees something new. He can hold up his own head for almost a minute at a time, which makes him seem so much less fragile! Rush is already proving to me that he is 100% BOY! He makes the funniest grunting sounds all the time, he moves constantly, and he is already eating us out of house and home:) He has gone through phases of sleeping 5 hours at a time, alternated with phases of sleeping 1 hour at a time, then back to 5 hours (thank goodness!) No telling how long this will last, I'm stocking up on sleep while I can. Although Drew and I are completely exhausted from the past 4 weeks, we are loving every minute of being parents to Rush.

Aren't his tennis shoes adorable?!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My little model

Here are a few pics from his photo shoot with Betsy! You can see more on her blog! I just love all of them. Rush was a good little model, he stayed awake the whole time and didn't cry......unless we stole his pacifier. He was very intrigued by the pretty girl taking his picture, which helped quite a bit!

Drew had a lion that he LOVED when he was little named "Roary". Here is Rush with his new Roary. (which is the same size as him!)
Rush and I laying on the beautiful quilt handmade by Aunt Nancy. It is absolutely beautiful.
Sweet little Rush....I love this face, he is trying to figure everything out.
Laying on the quilt, surrounded by all his books.
Another common expression, he likes to peek at you from the side.
Rush and Drew....he looks more and more like his dad every day!
One of my very favorites! He has beautiful blue eyes right now....but since neither of his parents have blue eyes, I'm expecting them to change soon. Oh, and he gets those wrinkles from his dad.