Monday, May 25, 2009

Colorado Springs

We decided to sneak in one last vacation before Rush is born.  At 7 months pregnant and altitude I wasn't able to handle too much activity this time, but we still had a blast. Here are some pics from our adventures in Colorado Springs!

The amazing chapel at the Air Force Academy

Red Rock Canyon........I didn't make it very far on our hikes this time:)  

This is someone's house, their tree looked like a delicious snack for this deer!

At Garden of the Gods, Pike's Peak is in the background.
The Olympic training center pool.  They had cameras set up under the water for the athletes to watch themselves after each training session.
Olympic training center weight room
Olympic training center gymnastics
Drew and the triathlon sign......I see a future Olympian!

Rush's 4-D Video

We had another sonogram of Rush last week.  He was pretty camera shy...but she was able to capture a side profile for a few seconds before he turned away.  You can see his little face to the right.  If you look close, you can see his eye open for a second at the beginning of the video.  She said that everything looked great.  He weighed 2lbs 12oz and is about 15in long.  I love feeling his strong kicks, he is one active little boy. He goes crazy when I sit still for long periods of time, but immediately calms down when I get up and moving.  Only 10 more weeks, we can't wait to meet him.

Buffman and Squeaky

Buffman & Squeaky
Drew competed in the "Buffman and Squeaky" Olympic distance triathlon last weekend at Buffalo Springs Lake.  He did awesome (of course), coming in 8th overall and 1st in his age group! It was the first triathlon back from microfracture knee surgery, and he had absolutely no problems.  The winners of Buffman and Squeaky recieve a prize bone after the race, but I couldn't talk Drew into staying around and claiming his this time.  We have accumulated drawers overflowing with interesting trophies through the years......I'm so proud of him!

Drew in his wetsuit
Off on the swim (1.5K)....can you find Andrew's head?

Off on the 40K bike
Off on the 10K run


We had our graduation on May 15th!  It was kind of bittersweet since we still have 7 more hours this summer before we are officially DPTs:) It does feel good to know that no matter what happens, we will have our Master's and become PTs.  Here are a few pics from the events.  

I couldn't have made it through school without these girls!  So sad Lisa won't be here this summer:(

The Bass girls!  My sister Shanda surprised me and flew all the way from Houston to be at graduation!

The Whole Family- Also couldn't have finished PT school without them!
Me and Lisa (and Rush)

My handsome husband!

Drew's parents James and Linda also came down from Amarillo, but I don't have a pic yet!  

Aunt Shanda saying hi to baby Rush