Friday, November 6, 2009

Can he wear something besides a pumpkin shirt?

Drew finally got up the nerve to ask after several weeks of adorable Halloween outfits! He had so many adorable shirts, socks, and hats this year.....there was only a few weeks he could actually enjoy all of them. So, I let Andrew put something else on him for awhile (while I washed his pumpkin shirts:)


I guess guys don't understand the need to always dress to the occasion.....all the more reason for me to dress him up now before he can tell me what he wants to wear! I was dying to get pictures of him in a pumpkin patch, but the weather did not cooperate when we wanted to go. Hopefully we can still stage a pumpkin picture at GC's house soon! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.

It's not easy...... put face paint on a 3 month old

But we did, and ended up with this adorable little lion!

For about 30 minutes....

Then it was time to get out of that thing
And play on the floor with GC and Papa
I think Caesar was glad to be free of Halloween and bat costumes this year!

4 more generations!

Rush's Great-Grandmother Lackey came to visit a few weeks ago. We had a great time catching up and loving on little Rush. We wish we were able to see her more!
Rush is a great listener!
Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, Andrew, and Rush

Note that we actually have a few pics where Caesar didn't sneak in.....that's because he was being restrained:) Anyway, we had fun Grandmother, come back soon!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Drew and I both celebrated birthdays this month. We are exactly one year and 25 days apart (and I am NOT the older one:) We both had small celebrations with family and had a great time. I am actually pretty sad to see 25 was a big year. I will be able to look back and say that I was 25 when baby Rush was born, I was 25 when I finished PT school, I was 25 when I got an official license to practice, and I was 25 when I got my first big job (although I will be 26 when I start!) I know 26 will bring other big things, but 25 was a great year.

James celebrates an October birthday too!

3 months

Baby Rush turned 3 months old on Oct. 30th! Some highlights of the month: still rolling over occasionally (maybe on accident:), "talking" to us all the time, smiling at us all the time, playing with your hands, and still moving CONSTANTLY! It makes me laugh every time I am struggling to get clothes or diapers on him because he is wiggling, then I look up and he is flashing his huge smile at me:) He has a silly looking octopus which is his very favorite toy, I think he talks and smiles at him more than any of us. Rush attended a few birthday parties this month and was a scary lion for Halloween (posts to come!)