Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My sweetheart

Rush aka "Rush Bear" turned 5 months old Dec. 30th. Yes, that is formula on his face, but the picture in his Christmas outfit with GC holding him was too cute not to post! This month was full of so many changes. He is rolling all over the place, but gets frustrated after kicking for a few minutes and getting nowhere. This one will be on the move in no time. He LOVES being one of the guys. Any time Andrew,Papa, Grandad, or Uncle Sean talked to him this month he lit up and got so excited. He had his first "virus" (or something) this month. He spiked a 104 degree fever after I got home from work one night, which about gave me a heart attack. When I took him to the doctor, he was in the best mood after a few doses of Tylenol, so they just checked his ears and throat and told me all was well. When he spiked fever again the next day, we went back to the doctor and checked him for flu, strep, ect...which all came back negative. Thankfully, whatever it was went away after a week and he is back to normal little Rush. I did find out that he is 15.2 lbs on one of our trips to the doctor. He has been giggling at us for the past few days, and it is so cute. Hopefully I will remember to get a new charger for my camera soon, because I need to capture his sweet little laugh. He is growing so fast!