Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm back!

I'm finally back after a long blog hiatus. Before I begin blogging again about the present, I need to catch up with a few of the bigger highlights from the time I missed. Rush was a football player for Halloween. Please Aggies and Raiders do not be upset, we are an equal opportunity supporter of all Texas teams, we just happened upon this jersey and couldn't find any of the other schools. GC actually had the idea to dress him as a football player because he wouldn't wear ANYTHING on his head at the time and most of the toddler costumes required a head to identify what they were. Also, it was about 85 degrees on Halloween this year (YEA!) and this was a cool costume.

Drew and Rush at 'Boo at the Zoo'

Rush and GC before heading to St. Mary's Carnival
Park + Rush=happy boy! I miss our daily trips to the park. I would put him down in the open field next to the park and he would yell "go go baby!!" and run until he fell down.