Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rush's 4 Year Well Check

We have been working hard on writing Rush's name, and I think he has gotten pretty good. He likes to start with regular sized letters and end words with giant letters most of the time.

We had to stop because we were having trouble keeping little brother from eating the chalk!
It rained quite a bit early this week.  The boys didn't let the rain keep them from playing outside. They know where all the good puddles are around here.  And, of course, where to find sticks.
They played in this puddle for about an hour.
They thought it was so fun to lay down in the puddles.  We have some little neighbors that come out to play with us at night.  This little girl loves Cruz, and thought he was hilarious laying in the puddle.

We also got out on the tricycle a few times.  Rush still likes to ride it, and Cruz likes to push it around.

I took Rush in for his 4 year well check a little late this year.  He used the steps to climb onto the table like a big guy. He weighs 32 lbs and is 39 inches tall.
He got his blood pressure taken.
He got his hearing tested, it was perfect. He had to raise his hand every time he heard the beep.  This reminded me of elementary school.  He also got his vision tested with a Snellen chart. There are no pictures of this because I was helping.  He has 20/40 vision, which is good for his age.  I had not thought about how much more his vision would develop until this doctors visit. Rush was a very cooperative little patient. He had to get 3 shots in his thighs.  He laid back and made funny faces at me while he got his shots.  He didn't even shed a tear.  I am so proud of how brave he is becoming.  He told me the shots only hurt a tiny bit.  After the doctor's visit, we made a trip to the dollar store to get a surprise.  He chose a net so he could catch bugs and frogs.
One day while Cruz was napping, Rush and I made sock puppets.
I thought they turned out very cute.  The orange one is "hippy" and the black one is "boo".  I think they are named appropriately.
We also went to the library class this week.
Andrew pulled the boys to our neighborhood park one evening.
I love this Instagram picture of Rush and Andrew riding into the woods.  They are best buddies.
The boys love this punching bag type thing on the church playground.  It is really light and they like knocking each other down with it....crazy boys!

Happy Birthday Uncle Sean!

Attending church with a toddler has been interesting for us. When Rush was Cruz's age, he would never go into the nursery without crying the entire time.  We have been going through the same thing with instead of forcing him to be in the nursery, we let him come into the service with us.  At Ecclesia, they have a few tables in the back with clay, puppets, and lights in the back of the auditorium.  Cruz thought the clay was a ball (one of his favorite things) so he was entertained for awhile.

After church, we went out to my parent's new house to celebrate Sean's 31st birthday!  Rush loves any kind of party and was happy to help Sean blow out his candles and open presents. Sean is such a great uncle to the boys and friend to us.  We are blessed to have him in our family.

The boys pulled everyone into the play room after lunch and cookie.
There is a fun community splash pad and pool that we were able to go to for a bit.

After a few minutes of water play, the boys started making "mud soup".

My dad used to be a lifeguard and teach swim lessons.  He has been working with Rush on his swimming technique.  Rush has come a LONG way this summer. From being afraid to get in the pool to swimming very well with his floaties...I am so proud of him.

Monday, August 26, 2013

GC and Papa are here!!

Last week, we went to a local church that has an indoor playground to play!  The boys love going here because there are so many slides and fun things to climb on.  Every time Cruz goes down the slide or jumps into the pool, he "counts" by going 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, GO!  Rush tries to get the other kids to chase him. No matter where we go, he is always running.

We try to draw or do some sort of craft each day. Cruz usually ends up with our project on his face.
GC and Papa moved down this week.  Their new house is gorgeous and they are starting to get everything in order. The area they live in is out on the edge of town with lots of trails, lakes, and outdoor adventures.  I am sure that lots of memories will be made here!!
The boys wasted no time breaking in the play room.  Rush had a particular truck in mind that he wanted to play with as it was unpacked and he actually ended up finding it!
As we were leaving, one of the movers offered to let Rush climb up in the truck and honk the horn.  Every little boy's dream:)
Cruz decided he wanted to pick out his clothes on this particular day.  He cried if I tried to put anything else on him.  Gotta love an Elmo PJ shirt and Nike shorts combo.
One day last week, there was a police chase in Houston and was played live. Rush watched intently as police chased him down.  The man eventually stopped the car, tried to get out and run, and was caught by the police.  Rush was jumping up and down cheering for the police the entire time.  We have also played several rounds of "police chase" since then.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Last Weekend

While Cruz was napping, Rush and I took the opportunity to line up all of his cars (and a few other additions)!  He wanted them in the order of the rainbow.  It turned out so cute.

Last Friday night, we went out for yogurt.  The boys got lots of yummy toppings.  Cruz ended up wearing almost as much as he ate.

On Sunday, we went to church at Ecclesia with Aunt Shan. The boys go in with us to listen to the music, then head to their class during the sermon.  Rush loves it! They offer all kinds of creative activities for the kids. Rush ends up painting a picture each time.
We also went to a park near our house one evening.  The days have been so hot that we have not been able to go out until 7 or 8 at night.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Active Boys

We had a fun week without much on the schedule last week. This lead to inventing new ways to have fun at home.  We made a "tunnel" on the slide and the boys went through about 50 times each!

We made caterpillar handprint crafts and read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".

We went to the park to play and feed the ducks.  Rush did a good job tossing bread to the ducks.  Cruz preferred to hand feed each duck which made mom a little nervous! He loves animals and wanted to pick the ducks up. Cruz giggled and yelled "ducks!!" the whole time we were around them.

There is a play area at this park with 10 different play sets. It was fun to play at one for a few minutes, then transition to the next.
Cruz is a brave little baby and wants to do exactly what his big brother is doing at all times.  I would have never let Rush do a lot of the things Cruz is doing at this age. He loved the big boy slides.
All of that playing warranted a short rest break for a snack.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

7th Anniversary and Weekend Fun

This weekend, the boys and I attended a birthday party for a sweet friend we have gotten to know here in Houston.  They had blown up several kiddie pools and had a water slide set up for the kids. The boys loved it and played hard until the rain came!

Aunt Shanda and Cruz dancing in the rain at the party.
GG, Papa, Aunt Shan, and Uncle Sean watched the boys for us while we headed to the Woodlands to celebrate our 7th anniversary!

We went to eat at a Mi Cocina on the waterway, it was delicious.  It was amazing to have a slow, relaxing meal together with just the two of us.
After dinner we went to see "The Heat" which was hilarious!  We had a great anniversary.....God has blessed us immensely in the past seven years, words could never describe how grateful we are.  Here's to at least 50 or 60 more:)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not so ordinary, ordinary days

I have loved staying home full time with my boys again.  I feel very blessed that I am able to spend my days taking care of these two while my husband works at a job that he enjoys and is amazing at.  I know that these ordinary days are far from ordinary...and I don't want to take a single day for granted!
We moved the slide indoors so the boys can get some energy out without venturing outside on days when it is 100 + degrees! The boys are constantly wrestling (Cruz is usually the instigator).  They wrestle and laugh until someone inevitably starts crying.  It is especially exciting when the third boy gets home from work and joins in on the wrestling.
On Tuesday we went and found the "Once Upon a Child" store in our area.  I love that store for buying new games, books, and puzzles that the boys never chose as presents or prizes. It gives us a few new things to do to fill up our days and keep their little minds working.  We got Toy Story Yahtzee, a huge floor dinosaur puzzle, and about 10 new books for $13!

 We have been frequenting the swimming pool and splash pads this summer.  Both boys are doing great with floaties in the pool this year.  A trip to the pool is never complete without a popsicle or "pop" as Cruz calls them.

Just wanted to be sure I documented the most extreme round of brother wrestling I have seen....trap your brother in the laundry basket, then stand on it and stomp.  I am pretty sure big brother agreed to this, as he was laughing hysterically while I took this picture.  As hilarious as this was, I am going to have to make sure I lock up the laundry baskets from now on.