Thursday, September 19, 2013

Craft week

For some reason, a large chunk of last week was dedicated to crafting, so I wanted to post our projects.  Rush made these little dinosaur magnets, and I thought they turned out so cute!  We just bought a little kit from the dollar store and he was able to glue them together.

Andrew and Rush made an airplane from a milk carton complete with actual seats for his little pals to ride in.
I made Rush a "Super Rush" cape.  Of course, it had to be green!
I also made him a Batman cape, but it was "too itchy" so daddy gets to be Batman for now.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Papa

Last weekend was Papa's birthday!  He was able to be in town for a day, so we headed out to Cross Creek to celebrate.  I love their backyard with the view of the lake.

GC made sure that Papa was able to open his new toy cars with Rush! Rush was excited that Papa got such a great present.
This picture is extremely blurry, but I wanted to post it anyway because Sean was driving cars around on the ground with Cruz.  Their house has tile and hardwood throughout the main living areas, so the boys have plenty of room to drive things around!
Birthday Cupcakes!
Cruz picked off every single little star from his icing individually.  He thoroughly enjoys a treat, I love it.
After cupcakes, we were able to go to the new movie theater/bowling alley to watch Planes.  Rush was so excited, he had been counting down the days for a week until we could all go see it.  He loved it, and I love his sweet reaction to the characters. He was on the edge of his seat.

Shanda and Sean went to see the Cowboys game last weekend, so we got to keep Tails for a night.  He was ready for nap time with Rush after all of the morning excitement.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Preschool at Home

Since we will likely be moving to a different area of Houston in the next few months, we decided to do preschool at home until we get settled.  We started with a "letter of the day".  We made apples trees on "A" day.

We let Cruz color while we are working.
Cruz loves dogs!  He likes going outside in the evening and petting all of the neighborhood animals.
Rush did very well writing all of his letters this week.

Rush told me he and Cruz had a surprise for me.  They took all of the laundry out of the washer and put it in the dryer.  Lets keep that going boys!
I got Rush some doctor toys this week.  He has been repairing his animals non-stop.  He also wants to wear a shirt with a pocket every day so he can keep his doctor supplies in it.
I got Rush a backpack so he can be responsible for his things when we go places.  He has wanted to take it with us everywhere.  What's usually in it: Hatch, doctor supplies, a drink, a box of raisins, a rock, and his house shoes.
On Friday, we went to our first MOPs meeting.  Rush told me: "take a picture of us, I'm going to wink." He did great at MOPs and I had a great time. Poor Cruz cried the whole time, but hopefully he will get used to it soon.

Cruz's First Haircut

We decided it was finally time to cut Cruz's hair.  Look at how perfect those baby curls are!

He got to ride in a "train".
He was not happy when she started combing and went through a few tangles.  Once I pulled out our emergency sucker, he tolerated the rest of the haircut. She put it in a ponytail and made the first cut.
Our little man looked so much older after his haircut.  No more baby face!

Labor Day Weekend

We spent most of Labor Day weekend at the pool.  Cruz insisted on pulling our wagon full of toys and floaties all by himself.  He is a strong little man.

We drove out to Cross Creek to visit GC and go to the Labor Day pool party.