Sunday, November 10, 2013

Old McDonald's Farm

We made our annual fall trip to the pumpkin patch.  The first photo is Rush and GC riding the train.

The duck pond.
My little animal lover wasted no time rushing up to each animal to pet and feed it. He loved the "baby goat."
Rush was a little hesitant to feed the animals, but loved it once he gave it a try.

Cruz giggled and laughed the whole time he watched the deer drink his water.
Rush fell in love with the huge pumpkin and wanted to take it home.
Cruz picking the perfect pumpkin.

Pumpkin Painting

We went to GC and Papa's house to paint Halloween pumpkins this year! Cruz loves cuddling with Aunt Shanda.

Rush and Papa learning to read on the iPad.
We decided we would spray paint a couple of pumpkins to speed up the process.
Rush hard at work on his pumpkin.

Rush's completed "ghost pumpkin".  It has a face, body, arms, and legs.
The finished products....Ghost Pumpkin, Mike Wasowski, and the Mummy.

Painting With a Twist

I went with a MOPs group to a place called "Painting with a Twist". We made a cute little snowman.  Although it was a great reminder that I am not artistic, it was still fun.

On the other hand, my husband is very crafty!  He and the boys made a rocket ship out of a cardboard box!
We went to a new park in Kingwood called "Deer Ridge Park." We found a pond with a lot of turtles. Cruz is an animal lover and could not get enough of them.  We had taken bread to feed the ducks, but found that turtles love bread as much or more than they do.

First Drawings

We had a play date this week at one of our favorite parks.  Cruz loves these swings. He wants to swing the whole time we are at the park.

Rush has started drawing people all the time.  This is a picture of him and GC.
And another of him, Papa, and the sun.

Andrew's 31st Birthday Week

This week, Rush made his name out of noodles as one of our crafts.  We have been working on spelling and writing as much as we can.

One day I went to wake Rush up from his nap and found him sleeping in his pillowcase.
We went to Memorial City Mall so we could get Andrew's birthday present from the Apple store.  The boys love playing on their huge indoor playground.

Happy birthday to daddy!  Cruz was so excited about his cake, he wouldn't look at me to take a picture.

National Night Out

Our neighborhood hosted a "national night out" event where police officers, firefighters, and paramedics educated adults and children on what they do on a regular basis.  The boys were able to crawl into patrol cars, ambulances, and firetrucks!  Rush's favorite part was talking on the police truck's intercom.